15 YouTube Channels for Web Designers & Developers

Online video tutorials are one of the simplest methods for learning new techniques. They’re more visual, more procedural, and don’t involve much reading. Illiterates will enjoy that last point but they also won’t be able to read this post. There’s no denying the benefits of YouTube video tutorials for designers and #web developers to want […]

Pagination and SEO: Red Flags and Best Practices

For any webmaster of a large site, content pagination is a topic of interest. When you have a vast amount of content it’s difficult to avoid pagination. In addition to your pagination concerns from a usability point of view, the SEO aspects are also worth considering. Pagination is not rocket science but as far as […]

New WordPress Plugin Boilerplate Generator Speeds Plugin Creation

When version 3.0 of the #wordpress plugin Boilerplate was released, it came with a brand new community website. After three years of continual improvement, creator Tom McFarlin felt that the project had finally matured enough to warrant its own branding and website. As the boilerplate gained traction, McFarlin started receiving numerous requests for a generator […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of WordPress Frameworks

The concept of a framework is something that’s very common both within the modern web and within the software development environments. .. Generally speaking, frameworks are good: They provide a level of abstraction with which we, as developers, can work with in order to easily create generic functionality – such as user login and authentication […]

What’s Coming in WordPress 4.1 (Features and Screenshots)

It came with tons of new improvements like an enhanced post editor, improved internationalization support, embed previews, etc. #wordpress 4.1 is expected to be released in the second week of December, 2014. It is coming with lots of changes and a new default theme. In this article, we will show you what’s coming in WordPress […]

WP eCommerce Has a New Home

At nearly a decade old, #wp ecommerce has gone through its share of ups and downs. It has a reputation among some developers in the WordPress community as being bloated and poorly coded. “The purpose of the rewrite is to bring us back up to latest WP coding standards,” Dan Milward, Founder of WP eCommerce, […]

Getting The Most Out Of WordPress Shortcodes

Chances are that if you’ve been using WordPress for a while then you’ve heard of something called a shortcode. Ok, that might be an understatement. If you’ve been using WordPress for a month then chances are you’ve already been using shortcodes left and right. It’s become common practice for shortcodes to be included as major […]

Postmatic Now Supports 1-Click Migration of Subscribers from Jetpack

#postmatic Now Supports 1-Click Migration of Subscribers from Jetpack Beta 6 adds a native Postmatic exporter to allow users to export their subscribers, along with subscription preferences, to a CSV file. Postmatic’s creators are also gradually adding to a… … Jetpack is the plugin’s strongest competitor. While both plugins are free and perform similar functions, Postmatic […]